Earlier this year we received the first footage of Fede Alvarez’ The Girl in the Spider’s Web, which blew me away. Claire Foy appears to be delivering a brutally intense performance, the cinematography on display looks stellar, and all around it seems to promise a fun thrill. Now we have the second trailer, and I’ve 100% bought in; I cannot wait to get tangled in this web of a story. Check out the trailer below:

I was a fan of the previous American incarnation of Lisbeth Salander in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2011) (portrayed then by Rooney Mara); I thought David Fincher told that story the best way you could a second time, while driving amazing performances from both of his leads (co-headlined by 007 himself, Daniel Craig). When the franchise collapsed and all three talents walked away, I was devastated, as there was potential for a phenomenal trilogy. Before the first trailer dropped for this film, I forgot it even existed, but after two trailers, I’m on the edge of my seat with anticipation. I’ll be seeing The Girl in the Spider’s Web on opening day, praying its good; the visuals they showed off in the trailer alone have me salivating. The action set-pieces look genuinely thrilling, and Clare Foy is commanding the screen as Salander; I couldn’t be more excited. Others who have seen the trailer have raised some understandable concerns that it might have given too much away, and I can totally understand that feeling. However, we won’t really know until November 9th rolls around, so I won’t allow that possibility to temper my excitement.

What did you think of the trailer? Let me know in the comments below! Stay nerdy everyone!

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