Speaking of comedy rock duos getting long-awaited sequels to their movies, Jack Black took a moment at a recent Tenacious D performance at the Shaky Knees Festival in Atlanta, Gerogia, to announce that there would be a sequel to the D’s 2006 movie, Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny. Black said the film would be released in October, though he’s not yet sure of the details. He was rather skimpy with details on the film itself as well; no creative team was mentioned, although I think it’s safe to assume Black and Kyle Gass – the other half of the band – will once again write the script, in addition to starring as (more or less) themselves. Likewise, he didn’t suggest a plot or setting for the sequel. But, then, does he really need to be more specific than that? Tenacious D fans just need to know where and when to line up for the new film.

The Pick of Destiny saw the two hapless wannabe rockers join forces to find a legendary guitar pick rumored to give its bearer unrivaled talent, encountering a horde of cameoing rock legends (Meat Loaf as the ultra-religious father was a stroke of genius) and running afoul of the Devil himself along the way. Expect the sequel to have similar supernatural/fantasy elements, in keeping with Black and Gass’ music. With such scant information, it’s hard to speculate much beyond that, but depending on what’s revealed in the next few months, we can hope for another fun outing from Wonderboy and Young Nasty Man come autumn.

Are you excited to see Tenacious D back on movie screens again? Would you prefer they stick to music? What rock stars do you want to see pop up in Kage and Jables’ latest cinematic adventure? Let us know in the comments!

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