It looks like Baby is about to take her final ride. Entertainment Weekly has announced via the stars’ respective social media pages that Supernatural, the longest-running CW show (as well as the only one left to have originated on the WB), will come to a close with its upcoming fifteenth season. I almost couldn’t believe this news when I first read it. For a while, it seemed Supernatural would never end. After all, with such a small core cast, negotiations always seemed so painless, and the actors seemed perpetually game to continue the story of the Winchester Bros. ad infinitum. Yet in recent years, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki had often talked about just how much longer they wanted to do the series, with network president Mark Pedowitz assuring fans and critics each year that Supernatural would continue for as long as the boys wanted it to keep going. It turns out the show’s number will finally be up, and no deal with a demon will bring it back.

To say that there is a passionate fan base for Supernatural would be an understatement. Every year, there are conventions around the country through which the actors and fans have formed a unique bond. There are laughs, tears, and, much to the chagrin of Warner Bros. execs, the occasional spoiler. Through all the time slot changes and even a few early cancellation rumors, the fans (and, perhaps most notably, Pedowitz) have stuck by the show, relishing each and every moment spent with the Winchesters and, since season 4, Castiel. Although multiple spinoff attempts have been made, I can’t imagine Supernatural will be gone forever. Perhaps a few years down the road, much like a lot of shows these days,  there will be a limited-run revival. For now, however, season 15 is the end. My only question is whether Stephen Amell will finally get his cameo. I’ve watched how the stars interact on social media, and with Amell stating multiple times that he would love to appear, I can’t help but feel it would be poetic justice for the cameo to happen in the final season.

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