In the trailer for Apple TV+’s See, we’re informed via voiceover about this dystopian world where most people are mysteriously born blind. The narrator theorizes how it could’ve been an act of God as a means to “cleanse the world.” Regardless, everyone seemingly accepts this status quo, which is then upended by the birth of twins who are able to see. As their parents, played by Momoa and Mortal Engines star Hera Hilmar, try to protect them, it becomes clear that several people are going to try to either control them or use them as a means of survival. The trailer culminates in a battle as Momoa’s character fights to protect his children.

Unfortunately, there’s a lot in this See trailer that doesn’t work for me, from the seemingly paint-by-numbers plot to a lot of the production design. I want to be supportive of Apple’s newest endeavor, but they need to be able to compete with various other streaming services. At least so far, I’m not seeing something that will make waves with audiences or critics. That being said, I’m a big fan of creator Steven Knight’s work, particularly his work on Peaky Blinders. As such, I’m still excited for his take on the sci-fi genre, and I’ll give anything Momoa does a shot. In addition, since this is only a first trailer, perhaps it’ll be different once the show premieres on November 1.

Are you excited for Jason Momoa’s next foray into the sci-fi genre or is this something you wish you could unsee? Are you excited to see what Apple brings to the age of streaming? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to Geeks + Gamers for more TV news!

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