This review contains major spoilers for Episode 2 of Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series.

The third episode of of Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy series, More than a Feeling, has finally come out. This episode had its work cut out for it after the stellar first two offerings, but does not end up hitting as hard. Besides a few minor laughs and the introduction of Mantis, the episode just kind of lulls along until we get to the tease for the final chapter. As with the first and second episodes delivering insight into Peter Quill and Rocket’s backstories, More than a Feeling throws us into Nebula and Gamora’s past.

More than a Feeling resumes from where episode 2, Under Pressure, left off. Gamora and Star-Lord have walked into the Kree temple we last saw them at, but the episode starts with a Peter Quill flashback. This memory shows us when Peter was forced to be the bigger man when being bullied, due to him wanting to please his then-dying mother before she passed away. Immediately following the end of this memory, we see Gamora experiencing a flashback of her own: the final mission she and her sister Nebula went on for Thanos. While it showed a bit of back story and allows players to create a more tailor-made relationship between the sisters, there wasn’t a whole lot of depth here from the outset. It isn’t until later during a flashback to the same memory that is from Nebula’s point of view that we start to feel some empathy for the cyborg assassin.

The biggest revelation in the episode is that Mantis is the one responsible for Peter’s memories about his mother. Mantis was locked away in a tomb inside of the Kree temple for millenia, and speaking to Star-Lord, who she believes to be the prophesied “Celestial One”, through his memories was the only way she could communicate. Her powers work just like they do in the film Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, in that she is an empath. She was locked away because she is a guardian/keeper of the Eternity Forge, used to help the Celestial One either destroy or use the artifact to its full potential. It’s a good plot device for sure, but the execution ends up feeling anticlimactic.

Even for a Telltale game, this episode had a LOT of talking. The majority of More than a Feeling revolved around clearing the Guardians emotions and helping through conversation, so the episode is aptly named. I understand what they were trying to accomplish, but most of these conversations honestly feel like filler. It’s a shame, since these kinds of interactions are usually some of the stronger parts of Telltale adventures. The Guardians being split on whether to destroy or empower the Eternity Forge is the major key here, so things started happening fast as that decision is made.

Rocket and Drax seemed angry for a moment that my Star-Lord’s decision was to destroy the Eternity Forge, but those emotions were quickly set aside once Hala the Accuser shows up for a fight. The fight uses quick time events to rapidly skip back and forth between the different team members to take Hala and her crew down. The battle that ensues is exciting and well choreographed, but not quite on the level of the ending sequences in the previous two episodes. Hala does end up receiving an especially emotional moment with her minutes before the episode closes, and it definitely helps humanize her character a bit.

More than a Feeling misses the mark when it comes to capturing the same magic that made the first two episodes so great. A little too much filler and low stakes keep this chapter spinning in its tracks. It is not without its high points though, as Mantis is a welcome addition to the team. There are also plenty of laughs, just as one would expect from these characters. Episode 4 of Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series will more than likely release next month, so until then, keep it locked on Geeks + Gamers for all of your Guardians of the Galaxy needs!

Tony’s Score: 7/10

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