It looks like Chuck Wendig is taking another shot at the screen. Deadline reports that the best-selling author has just made a deal with QC Entertainment to bring his upcoming novel Wanderers to television. This news excites me. I’ve followed Wendig for several years, and I’ve really enjoyed his writing style, which emulates the present tense for which screenwriting is often known. I was thrilled when it looked as though Blackbirds was coming to Starz. Heck, even the original publisher had been confident a TV adaptation would be forthcoming, as several of my copies had the words “Soon to be a major TV series from Starz” emblazoned on the covers. While it disappointed me we wouldn’t get to see Miriam Black come to screen, I had a feeling this wouldn’t be the last of Wendig’s Hollywood exploits, especially since he was a participant of the Sundance screenwriting lab.

While I had hoped his “corn punk” Heartland trilogy would be next up on the Wendig adaption list, I’m happy to see that his upcoming sci-fi epic would be next. Hollywood is always chasing the next high concept, and Wanderers definitely fits that mold. The description of the book gives us a Stephen King vibe almost immediately, bringing to mind thoughts of The Stand, my favorite of the iconic author’s novels, so here’s hoping Wendig and QC will be able to replicate The Stand’s success and bring Wendig to a new level in his career. My only question now is (assuming this project goes beyond the option stage) whether I should wait to read the book. The last time I read a book before the adaptation, the latter wasn’t as exciting for me. Either way, I will be following the development of this project with great interest.

Are you excited for a potential Wanderers TV series or are you going to wander away if it comes to fruition? Let us know in the comments!

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