In November 2016, Nintendo launched the incredibly popular, and ludicrously hard to find, NES Classic. This system had no option of preorder, so when it hit the shelves it was gone within minutes. This isn’t anything new; hot items often become unavailable with a quickness; that’s what makes them hot. After they initially hit stores, they were nearly impossible to find. They’d come out in batches of two or five here and there in select locations, but never enough to come close to meeting demand, and so they stayed on everyone’s mind and Nintendo maintained its reputation for knowing how to keep their products relevant.  

Final Fantasy VII

Almost two full years later, we are hit with Sony’s response to the NES Classic, the PlayStation Classic; same idea, almost double the price. From what we know so far, the Classic will be modeled after the original PlayStation system, and will be released on December 3rd, 2018; exactly twenty-four years after the original system’s release date in Japan in 1994. The PlayStation Classic is said to: be 45% smaller than the original but look exactly the same, include an HDMI cable and two original PlayStation controllers, and come preloaded with twenty games and built in memory card to save your progress. If you’re baulking at the price point, which is $99.99, keep in mind, one of the games guaranteed with the system is Final Fantasy VII, which is currently being sold for around $150. Alongside Final Fantasy VII, we will get: Jumping Flash!, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, and Wild Arms. The remaining fifteen games are yet to be announced, but you can bet I’ll be keeping a keen eye on Sony until they are.

Tekken 5

While I will likely get the PlayStation Classic (because nostalgia, and I only ever got to play my friend’s PlayStations back in the day), I am extremely interested in what other games will be included. Will we see Legend of Dragoon, another highly sought after RPG from the original PlayStation? Maybe Silent Hill; I never got the chance to play the first installment but I sure would love to. If we weren’t already getting Spyro: Reignited Trilogy in November I would put money on that little purple dragon finding his way onto this new mini system. The rest of the roster will really be what cements my excitement about this announcement. While Sony doesn’t have nearly the track record for keeping their products in infuriatingly high demand, if we’re going based on history, I would urge anyone who is interested to place that preorder now — as in right now. The PlayStation Classic is already in store systems, just waiting for you to claim one as your own!    

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