Blizzard has announced the dates for Overwatch’s 2018 Winter Wonderland, and it’s so close we can practically feel Junkrat Frost nipping at our nose… with bombs. Starting December 11th (yes, tomorrow!) and continuing until January 2nd, Overwatch players will go dashing through the snow on the hunt for those coveted seasonal skins. I am a skin collector myself, and I will spend every minute I’ve not devoted to Darksiders 3 or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to collect as many loot boxes as I can to have a chance at those sweet Christmas-themed duds. I still see people using skins they collected from Winter Wonderlands past, and get a good chuckle every time; my personal favorite is Roadhog with his antlers and glowing Rudolf belly button. I think the skin I’m most looking forward to, of the ones that have been teased anyway, is the Junkrat Krampus skin. I love the story of Krampus, and I especially love his 2015 film; seeing as Junkrat is my most frequently played character, it would seem my holiday wishes have come true!

I know Junkrat has gotten a particularly large amount of love in this article – I supposed you could say I’m a little biased towards the zany Aussie who likes to speak with his explosives – but I’m genuinely looking forward to what each character gets this coming season. There are a few more heroes I play as these days, and I would leap at the chance to throw some holiday swag their way. Loot crates (or, in this case, Christmas crates) have been a subject of much debate over the years, but I enjoy them as part of my Overwatch experience. Sure, sometimes you get a lame one with a couple boring sprays and some coin, but when you get that voice line that becomes your new favorite, or a victory pose you can’t wait to show off, it’s worth all the matches you went through. So gear up, geeks, because baby, it’s cold outside! 

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