Earlier this afternoon, the first official trailer for the newest update to Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky, titled NEXT, was released. Tons of new information and features were finally released after months of speculation and hints dropped by the developers. Aside from the trailer, Hello Games’ founder, Sean Murray, detailed NEXT in a post on PlayStation Blog. Two years have passed since No Man’s Sky was originally released to lukewarm reviews, but constant updates and improvements have brought this once-thought-dead game back to life. With a still-thriving community supporting the game, it’s easy to see why Hello Games has remained determined to support No Man’s Sky for as long as possible.

Perhaps the major highlight of NEXT is the highly-anticipated addition of true multiplayer. No Man’s Sky had an extremely basic multiplayer aspect before NEXT, where players could only see each other as floating orbs, and there were zero interaction options, aside from proximity voice chat. Now, players will be represented by full and customizable avatars and can team up with a small group of friends or be randomly teamed with other players. Teams can help each other out, or find solo players or other groups to attack and prey on. Shelters and complex colonies can be created by teams, and are shared by each member. Space battles are available as well, giving players the option of being each other’s wingmen, or joining up to become space pirates. Exocraft racing will also be a prominent multiplayer component, as players will be able to create race tracks and trails to share online. Overall, those who have been waiting for No Man’s Sky’s true multiplayer vision to come to fruition should be pleased.

Also of note, the game is receiving a visual overhaul. First, No Man’s Sky will be playable in third-person mode, both on foot and while flying ships. Next, an often-requested feature is making its way to the game in NEXT: planets with rings. In the trailer, one such world was shown off, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. More detail has been added to NPCs, ships, and buildings as well. Finally, planetary terrain generation, ground textures, water, and cloud have all been drastically improved.

No Man's Sky

Along with this, players can now functionally swim underwater. The trailer shows a team mining underwater while working on building a base fully submerged. Speaking of bases, base-building will experience some impressive changes; bases will now be able to be manufactured anywhere on any planet, whereas before, this was limited to only specific locations. The complexity of base building and size limits are reportedly drastically increased, and hundreds of new base parts will be available. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to use all of these new base options, as players will now be able to build and own multiple bases.

Finally, with NEXT, players will be able to command and upgrade their own fleet of frigates and can control them from their freighter’s bridge. Ships can be sent out into the rest of the universe or can accompany their owner as you explore specific systems. Base building on a freighter has been improved and will allow players a genuinely customizable capital ship. Last but not least, look forward to inviting friends on board, and take on multiplayer missions from your bridge’s Galactic Commission Station.

No Man's Sky

All in all, it looks like No Man’s Sky is getting closer to what fans were expecting before the title’s initial launch. Sean Murray states, “This is an incredibly important update for us, but it’s also just another step in a longer journey, and we’ll continue to support No Man’s Sky in this way for the foreseeable future,” so we can also look forward to much more coming to No Man’s Sky later on down the line. NEXT launches next week on Tuesday, July 24, the same day which No Man’s Sky officially and finally releases for Xbox One. Keep your browser locked to Geeks + Gamers for more on No Man’s Sky and all things gaming!

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