Just as DC did last year with Rebirth, Marvel is looking to start again with Legacy. The publisher has said that it wishes to return to original numbering for its various series, imitating the decisions made by their comic book rivals for a select few of their titles. In effect, Marvel is just copying Rebirth. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing. Aside from a select few notable entries, I have found Marvel to be in a state of struggle with the majority of their comics. Their stories have felt cheap, lacking in heart, and devoid of effective reasons to make me, as a fan, care.

Oh, you turned Captain America into a Hydra agent? Well, guess what? That reveal and story holds zero weight if fans aren’t already invested in Captain America. For the longest time, in terms of comics lore, I haven’t been so invested. I guess the current string of Marvel comics have been their equivalent of DC’s New 52. The New 52 was met with a lot of criticism. However, with Marvel’s current run I’ve felt how many people felt about the New 52. Now is the time for a change and, with Legacy, I think things are finally on the right track.

The comic follows multiple stories that are all mostly disconnected, joined with a narration from an off-page character who isn’t revealed until the end. Again, this is a direct copy of the initial Rebirth issue from June 2016, but it works. You get that Marvel charm from it that has been sorely lacking as of late. All of the characters felt like themselves and all of the reveals of returning characters were exciting. This had impact, and I can’t stop thinking about the issue for that reason.

Perhaps the best part of the entire book is the introduction of the 1,000,000 BC version of The Avengers. It was really fascinating to see such a unique team, and it prepares a potentially fascinating story in the months to come. One of the other great aspects that really elevated the issue for me is its art. It was dynamic and helped reinforce the impact that this issue is meant to have.

Overall the book managed to stand out despite the obvious comparisons between it and DC Rebirth. There’s enough here that felt distinctly Marvel, which was a nice change of pace for the publisher. I’m truly excited by everything that this issue presented us with. It bodes well for the future of the Marvel universe and, more importantly, its legacy.

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