Jimmy Smits is taking another shot at the legal drama, as Deadline reports that the actor has been cast as the male lead in NBC’s pilot Bluff City Law, about a father/daughter duo taking on civil rights cases. This is exciting to me. I’ve been following Smits since his first appearance as Bail Organa in Attack of the Clones and his acclaimed performance of Miguel Prado in Dexter. Ever since then, I’ve watched him in all of his shows, whether it was the short-lived crime drama Cane or his most recent run as Annalise Keating’s grieving therapist Isaac Roa on How to Get Away With Murder. Bluff City Law isn’t his first turn in a legal drama, as he starred in L.A. Law in the 80s and 90s, so it’s great to see that the NYPD Blue alumn is coming full circle with this role.

Jimmy Smits

Another cool aspect of this is that, assuming the pilot is picked up, Bluff City Law will be on network television. With premium cable and streaming at the forefront of the entertainment industry, I would’ve thought an actor of Smits’ caliber would try for something in that arena. By returning to prime time, Smits can once again resume his place in the hearts and minds of the prime time audience with a new take on a timely topic. With a focus on character, Smits will have the chance to shine, while I’m still hoping he’ll have time to do the occasional cameo on the upcoming Rogue One TV series. I can’t wait to see what to see what he will do with this new character.

Are you excited to see Jimmy Smits step back into the courtroom or do you want this case dismissed? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to Geeks + Gamers for all your TV news!

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