It looks like the Winchester bros won’t have to carry on without the family patriarch for their 300th episode. TVLine reports that Jeffrey Dean Morgan will return for the milestone installment of Supernatural, set to air on February 7th. Details on the nature of his role are scarce, of course, but frankly, I’m shocked we know this much. I would‘ve thought they would have held his cameo close to the vest and present it as a big surprise on premiere night. Aside from a brief voice cameo in season 3, Morgan’s version of the character hasn’t been seen since the end of season 2, when John briefly came back to the land of the living to help the boys battle Azazel.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan

Since the season 2 premiere, when explaining why they killed John off, the producers would often run into a problem of always wondering what John was doing off camera. Add to that Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s increasingly busy schedule, and their solution appeared to be killing the character, something that made fans very upset. While a younger version of John was bought in, played by General Hospital’s Matt Cohen, it did little to fill the void left by Morgan. Since departing the series, he has participated in a myriad of TV shows (such as playing the iconic Negan on The Walking Dead) and feature films, most notably Watchmen and the adaptation of Diggle and Jock’s The Losers. While I had hoped to see him reprise his role of Thomas Wayne in a Flashpoint movie, I couldn’t be more thrilled to see him reprising the role that arguably initiated his career resurgence. Although I typically binge-watch the show over the summer these days (excluding the Scooby Doo episode of course), I will definitely be tuning in to see the return of this beloved character. I suppose the only question now is whether they’re going to get Mark A. Shepherd back as Crowley; I really miss the former king of the underworld.

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