It looks like George Eads and CBS are parting ways. THR is reporting that Eads briefly walked off the set of MacGyver in October after an altercation, and the producers have decided to let him out of contract; Eads has agreed to continue filming through December, and insiders are saying he won’t be killed off and may return as a guest. While this allegedly stems from his unhappiness with the production moving from Los Angeles to Atlanta, I have to say that professionalism matters. Eads is a father, so I get him not wanting to be away from his daughter, but by the same token, he has a responsibility to the production, something he hasn’t seemed to understand even during his CSI days, once getting into a fight with a writer and being suspended from the show. Frankly, the fact that they even wanted him for MacGyver is somewhat a mystery to me.

George Eads, MacGyver

When they decided to move the production, I don’t understand why they didn’t either recast or let the character go, something that has been done for various shows in the past. I appreciate CBS wanting to be in the George Eads business, but it doesn’t seem to be a two-way street. Eads is a fantastic actor, and I was always excited to see him on screen, but I was very aware of the situation mentioned above, a reminder that just because somebody’s a great actor, it doesn’t mean they’re always great to work with. Situations like this should be a reminder to us all that this business is one of the best in the world, and it would behoove actors to, if not treat their profession with reverence, then at least have a modicum of respect for the crew and fellow cast members. 

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