Genndy Tartakovsky is going from Dracula to dinosaurs. Deadline reports that the Hotel Transylvania director has signed on to create a new animated series for Adult Swim entitled Primal, which centers on a caveman and a dinosaur who’s about to go extinct. Thisedy news is incredibly exciting. Tartakovsky is one of those creators I had been following for a long time without realizing it, beginning with Dexter’s Laboratory, followed by Samurai Jack and 2003 Clone Wars series. These shows have showcased his versatility and vision. While at first glance, this project seems a bit off the wall, Primal is definitely something that is in Adult Swim’s wheelhouse, and I have faith that Tartakovsky will give us another great story. Additionally, the trailer for Primal is below:

I really like that Adult Swim is taking a chance on this type of content, especially in the wake of the AT&T merger and the recent Family Guy news. I was starting to get worried that the Cartoon Network offshoot would play it safe, but Primal feels right in line with what the network is all about. My only question now is whether Tartakovsky has a detailed plan for the show’s narrative, something that was apparent with his work on Samurai Jack. With this being Adult Swim, I have to imagine that the content will be far more mature and, by extension, more layered than something like Dexter’s Laboratory, so it’s a safe bet that the iconic creator will apply the same meticulous detail he used on his later series. Here’s hoping Tartakovsky calls on Samurai Jack alumnus Phil Lamar for one of the roles in this new animated offering.

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