If you’re a Mario Party fan, like me, but have been looking for something just a bit more on the adult side (that you can ruin not only family bonds but friendships with), do I have the game for you! Pummel Party is, as you may have guessed, a party game that you can play with friends both far and near, and has a bit more of a mature edge to it. You can’t play as Yoshi (if Yoshi isn’t your go-to, we can’t be friends), but you can play as a little stitched together person with any number of customizable costume options. So far, I prefer the blue body with the Jason mask and glowing eyes, because creepy. Just like in Mario Party, you start the game with a dice roll to determine who goes first, and the match begins. Your goal is to collect a specific item which can change depending on what map you play, i.e., in the pirate-themed map you are opening treasure chests to retrieve chalices, but in others, you may be collecting souls. Unlike other party games I’ve played, in Pummel Party, you have an HP bar. Oh, didn’t I mention you can attack and mortally wound your opponents? Not only can you use various items to ruin your friend’s chances of reaching that coveted treasure, such as a beehive, shotgun, boxing glove on a spring, wrecking ball and many more, but the map itself is out for blood and will have it’s fill if you land on the wrong space. There are a few defensive items as well (the cactus is a favorite of mine, with its adorable animation), but for the most part, you shouldn’t go into Pummel Party with a soft heart because it’ll likely end up on the floor, in bloody chunks.

Pummel Party

You can play Pummel Party locally or with friends online (or both, if your friends are spread out), but as of right now it is PC only. Currently, there are 4 maps to choose from with over 20 mini-games to play. After each round, like a certain other game we know, you are treated to a mini-game where you will duke it out to see who lands on top. I adore how fun and challenging these games are and can’t wait for more! We have it on good authority that Rebuilt Games might introduce up to 8 player matches, with the option of having 2-player teams, which will add an entirely new strategic dimension. We could also look forward to an in-game currency system that can be used for cosmetic upgrades, but never in-game advantage; Pummel Party will never be a pay-to-win game, we have been assured. Along with these additions, we hear platform compatibility outside of PC is also very much on the table, so keep your eyes peeled! Pummel Party is by far my favorite find of 2019 so far. I’ll be playing it with friends and family alike, and see just how strong our bonds really are. I highly recommend you hop on over to Steam and start your download. Let the games begin!

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