Yesterday we were treated to the first teaser trailer for the latest in the beloved Bethesda series, Fallout 76. From the date we see on the Pip-Boy in the trailer, October 27th 2102, we know this is chronologically the earliest game in the Fallout series, and is set nearly twenty-five years after the Great War. We are given virtually no information from this trailer beyond the vault number and the date, leaving many questions unanswered and fans free to run wild with theories. We appear to be coming in at the end of “Reclamation Day,” which I can only assume is a celebration of the day the vault was (according to information we’re given in the series) supposed to open. Interestingly enough, we’re told that vault 76 is set to open in 2097… and here we are, five years late. Considering we see no other people besides our assumed play-character, I’m going to fairly safely make the claim that something went wrong. Either that or this dude is just SUPER late to leave the vault; we really just aren’t given a lot of concrete information to go on. There are already theories on story and gameplay flying around the internet and some “leaked” information that this game will have some sort of online compatibility. This news is exciting to some and scary to others; while we gamers love to scream for change, the majority of us groan and complain when it actually happens. As for me, I’m excited. Would I love to pick apart the trailer with you frame by frame and express my own thoughts on what we may have to look forward to? Absolutely, but I’m saving that fun for a full-fledged theory article where I can discuss the findings with our resident Fallout expert. For now, fellow Bethesda fans, rejoice at the tidbits we’re given and memorize every inch of the trailer. I look forward to reporting back after E3 with more solid information and waiting impatiently for this new title to drop.  

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