Kicking off the Sony conference for 2018 (after Gustavo Santaolalla playing the banjo), we saw an extended trailer for maybe one of the most anticipated upcoming titles, Last of Us Part 2. Naughtydog has really outdone themselves, folks; this game looks absolutely stunning. The gameplay looks reminiscent of the first installment in the series, but they have really amped up the violence and gore. There was obviously a ton of time spent on the cinematics and I am sure I’ll be left in tears again more than once during my playthrough. I can’t wait to get to know the new, older Ellie and see how her world has changed these past years. Everything about this game has me hyped. We don’t get an idea for when the release date will be, but I’m willing to wait for this title as long as it takes.

Following the trailer we are treated to an “intermission” while conference-goers are moved to a new area. We started off in a tent very similar to the one shown in Last of Us 2, so one can only assume the move is to create ambiance for the next big release. The whole thing feels very clunky. The event planner may have set this up perfectly for those who are able to be there, but definitely did not take into account those of us watching from home. It was like a cut-scene I couldn’t skip.

While we wait, we are treated to a few pieces of news to fill the space. Four Black Ops maps are returning remastered for Black Ops 3: Jungle, Summit, Slums, and Firing Range. To access these, just pre-order Black Ops 4 and you’ll get the Back in Black Map pack. Personally, I’d given up on this particular game series long ago, but I’m excited for fans who still play it avidly. Next we find out that Black Ops 3 will be added to PlayStation Plus tonight, so if you want to get some practice in before Black Ops 4 comes out, it’s just a download away. After the Black Ops news is covered, we get a recap reel of Countdown to E3, where we see some gameplay from: Tetris Effect, Days Gone, Twin Mirror, Ghost Giant, and Beat Saber. No new information, just a regular old recap. Lastly we are treated to a trailer for Destiny 2’s next expansion Forsaken, coming September 4th, which looks extremely dramatic and a little heartbreaking.

Finally ready to continue with the show, a man stands on stage playing some manner of flute in a straw hat and kimono while a CGI field of long grass waves on the screen behind him. After some time, we are shown an absolutely stunning trailer and gameplay worthy of excitement. Ghost of Tsushima, from Sucker Punch Productions, is breathtaking. We aren’t actually given any information, but from the looks of what we see, you play as a samurai during a Mongol invasion. There is brutal combat, sword fighting, and gorgeous graphics. There’s a stealth element to the game, it seems, but there is just as much open combat. I look forward to hearing more about this title, if only to ride around the gorgeous world it’s set in.

Control, Sony, E3 2018

Next we are shown another trailer but given no information: Remedy Entertainment and 505 Games present Control. Judging by the trailer, which was another show-stopper, it’s some sort of action-adventure game with a surreal, changing environment remenicent of something you’d see in Doctor Strange, and maybe some sort of supernatural element. I’m really not sure what more I can say, as we aren’t given much to go on. The graphics look amazing yet again and I’ll be interested to see when we get more solid info.

At last we get some concrete information and a kick-ass trailer. We have a remake folks — a Resident Evil 2 remake, and it looks awesome. The trailer is super violent and the graphics are out of this world. We start out in the perspective of what you find out is a rat, which you find out after you are squished by a shelf and the camera pans out to your mangled corpse. This game looks legitimately scary, and I can’t wait! Thankfully, I won’t have to wait long; Resident Evil 2 releases January 25, 2019. Suddenly there is too much 2018 left.

Most of you know Justin Roiland as one of the creators of Rick and Morty, but now you’ll know him as a creator of a really weird but cool looking video game! We don’t get much info, once again, but Trover Saves the Universe looks like some sort of goofy action platformer. I assume we’ll get the classic improv dialogue we’re used to from this guy; this is another one worth keeping your eye on.

I think, for me, Death Stranding is the star of the show. From Kojima Productions, this game looks so extremely unique and interesting, I don’t even know where to begin; once again, we don’t get any concrete information (are you sensing a pattern here?), but the trailer is so far beyond anything we’ve seen so far. What is the goal or premise of this game? I really can’t say for sure, but it looks to be open-world, post-apocalyptic, and you carry around a lot of various cargo; maybe you’re some sort of delivery worker? There is a classic sci-fi feeling here that really makes me want to dive in and uncover the mysteries of this new story. The graphics are hyper-realistic, and Norman Reedus plays who I assume is the main character, Sam. There appears to be some sort of a time element; the “monsters” shown effect time in some way. Like I said, it’s hard for me to comment because I really don’t know anything for sure, but this looks like it could easily be game-of-the-year of whatever year it comes out.

Another trailer with no information, this time super short and for Nioh 2, so I guess it confirms that that will be a thing at some point?

Spider-Man PS4, Sony, E3 2018

Last, but certainly not least, we get a good look at Spider-Man. This was another favorite of mine (honestly, all games shown have been amazing) and I’m happy with the amount of actual gameplay we get to see. The combat system looks so fun, and there is a ton of the witty dialogue that you’d expect from your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. You asked for a lot of villains? You got a lot of villains! The trailer wrap-up was so dramatic I’ll be rushing out on release day just to find out what happens next! The release date is September 7, 2018.

But wait, there’s more! Actually last (maybe, who knows), we get yet another vague trailer with little to no information for a VR game called Déraciné from Japan Studio and From Software. It appears to be set in the past and mentions something about becoming a fairy, but that’s all we get.

And with that, the Sony conference comes to a close. Are you disappointed with the blatant lack of information, because I sure am. From the overwhelming amount of games shown with absolutely zero details given to the poor viewing quality for anyone who wasn’t physically at the conference, this has maybe been my least favorite show so far. The “intermission” was awful and felt so unprofessional. I’m extremely excited for every game shown; I just wish I learned anything at all from the presentation instead of having to hunt down details later on. It also speaks volumes that I honestly was not sure when the presentation itself was over and the post-show bits began. All in all, I expect more from Sony and think they need to fire their event planner (to be fair, I’ve never planned a huge event like this and have no idea how hard it is, but come on), but I’ll still wait with baited breath for any scrap of news on any one of these titles. What did you guys think of the Sony presentation? Let us know in the comments and keep coming back to Geeks + Gamers for more E3 happenings!

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