It has been an absolutely action packed day for gamers as E3 rolls on. With Square Enix and Ubisoft out of the way, we move into PC territory for the PC Gaming Conference. Hosting the fourth consecutive year of this wonderland of Master Race titles are Day[9] (a.k.a Sean Plott) and Frankie Ward.

First up, Coffee Stain Studios gives us Satisfactory, a crafting, mining, building game in space. Lead Designer Oscar Jilsen tells us the main goal of Satisfactory is to build… well, a factory! You transverse the thirty square kilometer map in search of resources to help you build your base from the ground up. The crafting system is in-depth; you need to find all the base elements of plastic so that you can manufacture it for use. You start off with just a few machines and expand until you have to “cut down trees to replace them with more convenient concrete.” Satisfactory is in a first-person perspective and supports multiplayer for up to four people. You can sign up for the alpha now at

A trailer for Neo-cab rolls out almost immediately, and we aren’t given much information. You appear to be a cab driver, and you are given choices of dialogue with your customers. There looks to be a rating system and I assume getting a five star review is important in some way. During the trailer there seems to be some sort of drama happening with one of your friends, and we see the quote “Stay on the road, stay on the search, stay human.” No release date is given, and just like that we’re on to the next one.

The first of many Battle Royale games gets it’s day in the sun as we move into a trailer for Mavericks Proving Ground, which looks suspiciously like PUBG. James Thompson, creator of the AI used in RuneScape, and founder of Automaton Games gives us the dirt on why we should play his game vs. the myriad of other Battle Royale games available. According to James, Mavericks Proving Ground (lets call it MPG), is “a full world, not just a map.” In MPG 1,000 players (yes, you read correctly: 1,000 players) are able to see the marks left behind by the enemy; we will be able to see footprints in the mud and displaced foliage in what I assume is a means of tracking the movement of other battlers or seeing if someone may be close by and hiding just around the corner. Automaton Games promises a more immersive experience than we’ve seen from the current Battle Royale game, and between their word and the trailer, I’m inclined to believe them! You can sign up for the beta at

The Forgotten City is a Skyrim mod turned stand-alone game. Being the first mod to ever win an National Writers Guild award, many are extremely excited to see it on it’s own as a full-fledged game. Once again, we aren’t given much information, just a spooky and foreboding trailer that totes lines such as “If even one person here commits a sin, everyone will die” and “Save these people, save yourself.” Exploration and information gathering seem to be the main focuses as the trailer comes to a close and we are left with a vague arrival time of 2019.

Star Control Origins, PC conference, E3 2018

Director of Game Production Patrick Shaw gives us some great information on Stardock’s upcoming game Star Control Origins. After the trailer, Patrick explains that gamers will be treated to an expansive space exploration experience. With an entire galaxy to explore, we will have thousands of planets full of creatures to discover in this open universe action RPG that promises to be “fun, creative, but with a dark, sinister side.” Players will be treated to combat on land as well as in the air, not to mention the ability to create your own planets and ships and share them with friends! That’s right, this game is multiplayer, both local and online. Those who pre-order will get access to the Fleet Battles beta-test where you will take on other players around the world. Star Control Origins is available for pre-order right now on Steam and will be released September 20th, 2018 (my birthday!).

Crytek rolled out some new goodies for their game Hunt Showdown, which are featured in a nice little trailer. The Vintage Crossbow, Throwing Knife, Hand Crossbow, and Sticky Bomb are available for download today! Rolling with the idea of giving to the fans, Guy Costantini announced that there will be four new maps, six new mechs, and “tons” of weapons to tide us over for the release of Archangel: Hellfire in full on July 17th!

Next up we get a peek at The Sinking City, and Sergey Oganesyan of Frogware gives us the scoop. The Sinking City is an investigation adventure game set in the 20’s with some supernatural flare thrown in. Open world and from the 3rd person perspective, we are told this game WILL NOT hold your hand. You are given no clear objectives; it is up to you to gather clues and information that will point you in the right direction and help you progress. The setting is a fictional town in Massachusetts during a flood which somehow brings about horrific monsters. There will be a sanity meter type mechanic that will affect gameplay, causing hallucinations and disturbing sounds if your sanity dips, though we are warned the kinks are still being worked out. The gameplay in the trailer looks solid and the graphics are pretty darn realistic. No release date is given, but if you want more information about this fascinating title, follow @thesinkingcity on Twitter.

Senior Community Organizer for Warframe Megan Everett excitedly reveals the new cinematic quest for the game, The Sacrifice coming this week! For more information on Warframe be sure to watch TennoCon on twitch at Megan let us know if you link your Warframe account with your Twitch when you watch, you’ll get some “free stuff.” Warframe is on PC, PS4, and Xbox One and is free to play, so go check it out!

After that exciting Warframe news, we are treated to a sort of game reel from Sega. We see “Coming Soon,” then snippets of five games: Shenmue 1&2, Shining Resonance Refrain, Yakuza Kiwami, Valkyria Chronicles  and, Yakuza Zero. The only game we get any information on is Yakuza Zero, which is available for pre-order now and will release on Steam in early August, but at some point or another all these titles will be available on PC.

Maneater, PC conference, E3 2018

I know fans of Killing Floor 2 are exceptionally happy today after Tripwire’s Bill Munk treated us to a spectacular trailer and a game reveal that I am still grinning over. For starters, Killing Floor 2 is getting four major updates; the first was released in March, and the next looks… just so fun. Described as a mixture of “circus clowns and steam-punk,” Summer Sideshow: Treacherous Skies will include three new weapons: Doomstick, Static Strikers, and the M99 sniper rifle, along with a “new” character, Mrs. Foster. You get all of this… tomorrow! Get ready folks — judging from the trailer, it’s going to be a hell of a ride. Killing Floor 2 is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Following this reveal, Mr. Munk also informed us that Tripwire will be getting into publishing. To that end, we are treated to a trailer for Maneater, one of the titles Tripwire will be publishing. Guys, this game looks so fun; I honestly can’t wait for it’s release, the date of which is currently a mystery. This is an open world action RPG, or “SharkPG” as Munk affectionately calls it, and features a full single-player champagne, during which you will play as the shark. There will be a shark skill tree and all — no seriously, doesn’t this sound hilarious? To keep up with this title, which I’m sure you’re as anxious to play as I am, check out

The next segment was just a little odd. We are spoken to, via text, by someone or something at United Publisher, who reveals to us three games to look forward to. The folks over at United Publisher are witty, I’ll give them that, and the gameplay I saw has me interested in each of these titles, however brief it was. First up is Bravery Network Online; this turn-based battle game is shown with a funky little soundtrack and some cartoony animation, or lack there of; there really isn’t much movement of the actual characters that we see. After that, we see Morning Star, and we don’t see very much of it. It seems to be some sort of farming simulation… simulation? It starts off on a cute little farm with the player planting some turnips, then suddenly the scene melts away and we’re left with a PC. On the screen of the PC it looks like an old timey text-based game. I’m sure this is supposed to be a commentary of some sort, but I’ll save the theorizing for another day. Lastly we see Overwhelm, which appears to be an action side-scroller. The combat looks awesome; you have to blast your way through monsters while traversing the maze of terrain. Good news, unlike the other titles where no release date is given, you can get Overwhelm today on Steam, with a 20% launch-week discount. Don’t mind if I do!

Another game I’m extremely pumped for is shown next. Jurassic World Evolution is a park builder; think Zoo Tycoon but with dinosaurs. The trailer is beautiful and appears to hint at the game containing all your classic park-building elements. There were no game-play details given, but honestly who doesn’t want to run a dinosaur park? Lucky for us, we can, starting tomorrow! Jurassic World Evolution will release June 12th for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

If you have an Oculus Rift, you are going to be extremely pleased with the next announcement. Studio Director Chaz Dezern of Insomniac Games has announced their open-world action-adventure RPG Stormland. That’s right folks, a VR open-world RPG; just soak that in for a second. The trailer and gameplay look amazing. You start of as a broken android gardener who has to fight to save himself and his friends. You can find tech to fix and upgrade yourself by exploring the world around you. There will be “massive freedom of movement” in what promises to be an extremely immersive experience unlike any we’ve seen before for VR. In addition, and entity called Tempest will rearrange the world you’re in every week, so there is always something new to explore. We were not given a release date, but visit for more details.

Up next Raw Fury hits us with a couple of titles one of which will sound very familiar for all the wrong reasons. In Night Call, our first title, you play as a cab driver, who interacts with his customers via dialogue options… sound familiar? I laughed out loud when this trailer started playing, and could just imagine how the folks over at Chance Agency were feeling. I will say:  this cab simulator at least looked starkly different from the first, and a bit more interesting. Based in Paris, this is a noir style game. The animation is black-and-white and very moody. No more information is given about this one, but you can keep track of the goings-on at Next we have a title that is not a rehashing of something we’ve already seen during this conference, and it looks pretty cool. Daniel Feinberg and Gregorious Kythreotis  from Shedworks take the stage to tell us about Sable following a trailer that shows a very unique looking game that focuses on “exploration and solitude.” Sable is animated in a “clear line” style Feinberg and Kythreotis say came from many inspirations. The goal of the game is to explore, learning about the people, culture, and history of the world around you. You play as Sable, the little girl who leaves her home to venture out and learn what she can. Again, no release date was given, but you can keep an eye on this title by visiting

Star Citizen, PC conference, E3 2018

In another “here’s a trailer but not much info” situation, Cloud Imperium Games shows us some in-engine footage of their game Star Citizen. This title was shown at last years PC Gaming Convention, and looks to be some sort of action-adventure in space. We aren’t given much new information except that the alpha 3.2 is “coming soon.”

Since space seems to be such a popular setting for a lot of games announced this year, it won’t surprise you that we have yet another action game in, you guessed it, space. Radiation Blue treats us to a trailer showing off some horde style gameplay for Genesis Alpha One in a base somewhere among the stars. The gameplay does look pretty fun, and during the trailer we are encouraged to “experiment with DNA and alien abilities to maximize crew efficiency,” so it’s safe to assume there will be some sort of upgrade system for you and your team. Though I am a little tired of the theme of “space,” this one does look pretty fun. Genesis Alpha One will be available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on September 4th, 2018.

Following Genesis Alpha One we see a little gameplay of Don’t Starve: Hamlet, which I assume is a goof on the pig-people in the game. There wasn’t much to talk about with this one; it looks extremely similar to the other Don’t Starve titles, and it will be out December 2018.

Francesco Antolini and Adam Davidson from Avalanche take the stage to speak on Apex, which is the engine we will see Just Cause 4 on. Nothing new is shown but they talk about: the improved HDR lighting, interactive weather systems, physics-based aerodynamics, various biomes to play in and much more; they also mention that the grappling hook in Just Cause 4 will be customizable. You can head to to check out more footage available through June 14th.

Moving on to a theme I am more than happy about — zombies — Overkill’s The Walking Dead looks brutal, and that’s high praise coming from me. The graphics are amazing and the combat looks gritty. This four player co-op shooter is st in Washington DC and is available for pre-order June 12th, with a release date of November 6th, 2018 for North and South America, and November 8th, 2018 everywhere else. Overkill, most widely known for their Payday series, really outdid themselves with this one. If this game isn’t in your hands or your library on whichever release date is applicable to you, you’re nuts. I am most definitely going to sit through every blood-soaked second with absolute glee.

The Walking Dead The Final Season, PC conference, E3 2018

On the subject of The Walking Dead, James Windler and Melissa Hutchison spoke with us about Telltale’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season. According to them, and the trailer we were shown, we can look forward to an over-the-shoulder camera angle that makes it possible for the player to explore the surroundings more fully, along with “segments of unscripted combat,” which is something I think most players will look forward to. Our host Day[9] stresses this is the last episode of Telltale’s The Walking Dead;we’ll see how true that is in the future. Speaking of, The Final Season is available for pre-order now, and will launch for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on August 14, 2018. After the release reveal we are treated to a little game-play of Noita from Nolla Games. It appears to be a side-scrolling action game where you play as a wizard, and “every pixel is simulated.” No further information is given.

In what was one of the presentations I most enjoyed, “Dr. Webbly” (Mark Webbly), and “Dr. Carr”(Gary Carr) take the stage to discuss their newest title Two Point Hospital. This is a hospital simulation/building game and it looks hilarious. You can design and build your own hospital, explore different regions, cure different ailments, train doctors and nurses to be more proficient, and discover new cures in this in-depth hospital experience. Two Point Hospital is mission based, and you are met with different challenges in different regions. The ailments are comical, such as Turtle Head and Monobrow Infestation. You can begin building your hospital empire this Fall. This is another one you’ll see me playing; it looks ridiculously fun and goofy.

Oh! What’s that? Another Battle Royale game! Realm Royal from Hi-Rez is a class-based Battle Royale platform that also comes with weapons crafting. This one is also a little different due to the ability to pick your character as well as some of the in-game additions. Each class comes with a set of abilities that will upgrade throughout the match, so you have a curtain amount of play customization. As mentioned, there is a crafting aspect; you can collect shards during play to craft legendary gear in the forge; however, a smokestack will appear and people will see you and know your position, so don’t take too long! If this sounds like your kinda thing, it’s free to play now on Steam, and is currently #4 on the charts.

For our next trailer without much info, we have Ooblets from Glumberland, which looks flippin’ adorable. Said to have elements of farming and creature collection, Ooblets looks like a fun way to pass the time. This was another title shown last year, and unfortunately we aren’t given any new info on a release date, but man, this looks like exactly the kind of cutesy game I use when I want to nonviolently destress.

In yet another no-release-date title, we have Anno 1880 from Ubisoft. This is a sandbox game with city building, economic simulation, and naval warfare. We are promised a “journey through the 19th century” but are not given a clear idea of when that journey can begin. You can check out more at

Rapture Rejects, PC conference, E3 2018

Coming now to our last Battle Royal game, but the one I am most excited for, we see a trailer and some gameplay for Rapture Rejects from tinyBuild (of Hello Neighbor fame). The premise of Rapture Rejects may be obvious in the title, but I’ll go ahead and explain anyway: the Rapture has happened and you’ve been left behind in a godless world; find a weapon and have fun! The game-play looks hilarious and fun; I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on this one. The animation is, as you could guess, cartoony, and the view is top-down. We don’t see any info on a release date, but you can go to to sign up for the alpha. I’ll see you there!

The last title on the docket is maybe one of the biggest — good job PC Gaming Conference. Hitman 2 looks amazing, plain and simple. We get a nice, informative yet comedic trailer to whet our appetites for what promises to be a fantastic next installment in the series. The trailer is set in Miami, and Jacob Mikkelsen takes the stage to answer all our burning questions. As expected, Hitman 2 will be a super highly detailed sandbox where anything can be a weapon. There are a few new mechanics, such as the ability to dip into a calm crowd to hide. The sniper briefcase is back, for hiding all those toys that could get you in trouble. There are some returning favorites as well; limited time events, limited time targets, and elusive targets will all be challenges to look forward to. If you pre-order Hitman 2 (it’s available for pre-order now) you’ll get access to play Sniper Assassin. The full game will release for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on November 13th, 2018.

That does it for this year’s PC Gaming Conference. We saw a huge array of titles today and I’ll be adding many of them to my list, while a few were a little lackluster. For lots more E3 coverage, remember to check back with Geeks + Gamers!

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