It looks like everybody’s favorite federale might be back to save the day. Bloody Disgusting reported  that Danny Trejo, in a recent interview with Popcorn Talk, discussed the status of Machete Kills Again… in Space, the first trailer for which was actually shown right after Machete Kills. Trejo says Rodriguez wants to make the movie and that it’s just about finding the time. I have to say, this news makes me very happy. The Machete series has always been a guilty pleasure of mine. With the disappointing box office of Machete Kills and Rodriguez being ensconced in James Cameron’s latest sci-fi opus Alita: Battle Angel, I thought any chance of another Machete adventure had gone away, so I’m happy that both Trejo and Rodriguez are up for another round. As divisive as Grindhouse might be (often considered Tarantino’s worst effort, if such a thing were even possible), myriad filmmakers and actors have gotten a lot of mileage out of the trailers from that film, whether it be the Rutger Hauer vehicle Hobo with a Shotgun or the Machete series.


I was particularly glad for the latter, as Danny Trejo deserved a leading role, something all of his costars apparently agreed with, having worked with him throughout his extensive filmography in various bit parts. It’s always fun to see Trejo pop up in films, so when Rodriguez said he wanted to give him his own franchise, I couldn’t have been more excited. The boldness of not only the content but also the announcement of not one but two sequels in the credits was incredibly audacious. I should have known better than to bet against Rodriguez, and now we can all look forward to more insane action from one of the greatest action heroes in modern cinema history.

Are you looking forward to Machete slicing his way into space? Let us know in the comments!

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