In 2013, Fede Alvarez burst onto the horror scene after directing the incredible Evil Dead (2013). The remake of the 1983 film debuted with $25,775,847 in its opening weekend, and a total theatrical gross of $97,542,952 worldwide. That’s pretty damn good, especially because its production budget was $17 million. So…why hasn’t there been a sequel? After the film released, there were talks of an Evil Dead 2,as well as a possible crossover with the original franchise and its hero, Ashley Williams. That never coalesced, and here we are, half a decade later with barely a word about a potential sequel.

That is, until May 4th. Alvarez himself took to his official Twitter account and asked the fans what they want to see from him next, Evil Dead 2 or Don’t Breathe 2. The votes very clearly weighed in Evil Dead 2’s favor, with 70% of the voters choosing the film, 20% choosing Don’t Breathe 2, and the final 10% choosing “Stop Making Movies,” which I hope is a joke category.

Is this confirmation that the film is in active development? No, of course not. But it’s the closest we’ve gotten to movement on this franchise in half a decade, so it’s definitely worth talking about. I personally ADORE Fede’s first Evil Dead film. It’s honestly in my top ten horror films of all time, along with the original. The sense of atmosphere is perfect, the practical makeup effects are astonishing and terrifying, and all the performances are outstanding. That’s not even speaking of the multitude of exemplary technical aspects of the film, including its fantastic cinematography and sound design. I’ve wanted this sequel since I walked out of the theater, chilled to the bone, in 2013. Fede possibly being on board really excites me, as I think his second film, Don’t Breathe, is one of the best horror films of the past decade as well. The man understands a consistent sense of dread and absolute terror. And blood; lots of blood.

Would you be excited for an Evil Dead sequel? Let me know in the comments below. Stay nerdy everyone!

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