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    Darth Lee

    So. Do you love them or hate them? What are your thoughts on Microtransactions?

    Wes Blank

    In free to play titles I see the purpose. It’s how they generate revenue. But if I pay $60 bucks for a game I hate to see microtransactions.

    Misty Tuson

    On free to play game ya it’s alright like to take off ads but not to advance in the game . If I have spent 30-50 dollars on a game no i hate them it’s just away for people to jump ahead of everyone else quickly.

    Jorge Luque

    Not a fan of them. I don’t see the sense in charging people $60 for a game then charging them more within the game. This is especially true for games that are essentially pay to win.

    Jeremy Griggs

    I’m a Nintendo fan. I hate Microtransactions and thankfully Nintendo doesn’t kill its fans with this garbage.

    Brandon Sondag

    I have no problem if it’s just cosmetic stuff. But if it gives advantages in PvP then it’s a huge problem.

    I do disagree with stuff I saw in the news that people tried to get the ESRB to call it gambling. It’s not. You’re getting something in return, unlike playing video poker or craps. To me it’s no different than buying baseball cards- you’re getting stuff but may get a lot of worthless cards.


    Microtransactions typically don’t bother me because they’re optional (but I’m still not a fan). Now that the beans have been spilled about Activision patenting an algorithm with match making to sell more microtransactions, this is definitely where it becomes concerning and a major issue.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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