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    Jeremy Griggs

    The Switch continues to show strength. The PS4 takes back the top spot, and Madden does what Madden does.


    Jeremy Griggs

    It’s also impressive how the 3DS continues to stay extremely relevant.

    Joshua Volkers

    That top spot is going to fluctuate BIG TIME between the Switch and PS4 this fall, what with Mario and the ensuing other releases coming out on both consoles. The 3DS is a fantastic system, and my personal favorite pure handheld console ever since it has a boatload of RPGs and I love RPGs. And then… you have the Xbox One. The Xbox One X is not going to be raking in the money like Microsoft is hoping it would. I don’t think it’ll sell terribly per se, but it’s going to fall very short of what they want it to hit. Despite the release of games like Cuphead and Forza, this has to be the most boring point in all of the Xbox’s history to own an Xbox console. I think Microsoft are seriously gonna be hurting by the end of the year.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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