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    Darth Lee

    Why is it that people constantly say that “Oh this Actor can’t play this character because another actor has already done it perfectly.”

    It’s, frankly, ridiculous. We often talk about an actor owning a character and that’s all well and good, but there’s a difference in owning the character and OWNING the character. While an actor should strive to play that character in such a way that people forget that this character isn’t real, we shouldn’t confuse that with them actually owning the character.

    These characters are not owned by the actors. Other actors are allowed to play that character and give their own spin on it. So, yes it’s okay that others play The Joker. It isn’t Heath Ledgers character. He’s given the best performance I feel but that doesn’t mean that others can’t deliver a good performance or that they should retire the character.

    It’s okay for Gotham and Arrow and movies to have Ra’s Al Ghul in them. We can have opinions on who gave the better performance but that doesn’t mean that the other shows should just not use him.

    It’s just annoying that people want to hamstring themselves because they don’t believe other actors should play a character when another actor has delivered an excellent performance. Stop doing that.

    Thomas Gilkey

    That is true. However I don’t think anyone will replace heath as the greatest joker portrayal.

    Todd Spradlin

    Fanboys. Ugh…They ruin everything. They get attached to an actors portrayal and after that they just can’t bring themselves to see anyone else play a certain role.

    Jeremy Griggs

    I think it comes down to individual situations. Look at Chris Evans – he’s THE definitive Captain America, but before that he was Johnny Storm. When he was Johnny Storm, nobody cared because that character was not well established. But now after he has established himself as Captain America, I can’t imagine him playing Superman for instance. The same applies to characters. It’s going to be hard for anyone to take over as Captain America after Evans steps aside, same with Iron Man, same with Wolverine. It’s not impossible, but it’s a massive uphill challenge to step in to those rolls after they have been so well established by the previous actors.

    I just think it comes down to individual situations.

    Michael Kaye

    We’ve had at least a dozen actors portraying Ebenezer Scrooge throughout all the various adaptations of A Christmas Carol, but God forbid a second actor portrays a popular comic book character. Yeah, I fail to see the logic in getting that worked up. Perhaps the differences in cases like Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man or Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine is longevity, that it FEELS impossible to recast those roles because we’ve become so used to their portrayals.

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