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    Nick Stewart



    • Do not troll or bait others. In other words do not start a fight or derail the thread.
    • Stay on topic when posting in a thread.
    • Any post off topic is considered spam. Take those posts to General Discussion or the appropriate thread.
    • Please use English when posting.
    • Do not flame or personally attack others. We all have differing opinions and if you cannot remain civil when having a debate, this community is not for you.
    • Make sure your post contributes to the discussion.
    • Do not advertise in your posts. You may advertise in your signatures or on your profiles.
    • Pornagraphy or other graphic or innapropriet material is not allowed to be posted.
    • Do not use excessive chatspeak or talk in emoji’s. The use of chatspeak is fine but if you’re posting “lol,” and “Omg,” every other word you’re going to be messaged by a staff asking you to stop.


    • Do not create duplicate threads.
    • Use the search function if you are unsure if a topic exists already.
    • Post your threads in the appropriate category.
    • All controversial topics are to be posted in the Mature Discussion sub forum.


    • Do not have inappropriate images or graphic content in your signatures.
    • You are allowed one image no more than 150 in width and 500 in height
    • You are allowed one link in your signature

    General Statement:

    For the most part as long as you treat others with respect and courtesy you should be okay. This is a mature community with the idea in mind that we all know how to be reasonable human beings. Debates are encouraged but if you can’t do so civilly then you will have problems here.

    Rules may be added and changed at later dates, there will be an announcement when that happens. You are expected to know these rules and “I didn’t know,” is not an acceptable answer. The enforcement of these rules is up to the discretion of the staff. Banning is generally a last resort and only used on those who absolutely do not have a place in our community.

    Any disputes with Moderators may be contested with an Administrator though this will be done privately and the Admins descision will be final. Happy posting everyone.

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