It’s no secret that I’m a massive fan of the TV show Gotham. After the planned Bruce Wayne series morphed into Smallville, I almost gave up hope that we would see Gotham City depicted on the small screen again, beyond the occasional Batman ’66 rerun on MeTV. While I was sad that Gotham ended its run on April 25th of this year, it was good to know that we would have a respectable 100-episode run on which to look back. Despite this, I still hoped for some kind extension in some other media. So, naturally, you can imagine my excitement when I came across In Cold Blood by Ligia Brinceanu, complete with Cory Michael Smith on the cover. A bit of research uncovered an unfortunate truth: this was not a licensed extension of the show but an alleged rejected Gotham script put on Amazon for profit.

Gotham Script

I believe fandom should be celebrated in all its forms. However, it should not deliberately take advantage of the people who worked so hard to bring us the adventures of Jim Gordon every week. If this were licensed by Warner Bros., the Gotham logo would be plastered all over the book. All we get here is a derivative title and a picture of Smith, who may not even know his image is being used to sell this project. Usually, I hate to weigh in on stuff like this. However, Warner and DC have given me so much joy over the years, beginning with Super Friends reruns and Batman: The Animated Series at 6 PM every night. To see them being taken advantage of like this is abhorrent. When things like this happen, it’s crucial that the fans step up. After all, isn’t that what the Justice League taught us all these years?

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