The Canaries are about to help a new archer save the city. Entertainment Weekly reports that a new Arrow spinoff is in the works. The Arrow spinoff will be headlined by Katherine McNamara’s Mia, who will be known as Green Arrow in the series, alongside Juliana Harkavy and Katie Cassidy-Rodgers, who are set to reprise their roles as the Black Canary and Black Siren, respectively. The prospective spinoff will be introduced as a backdoor pilot sometime in the eighth and last season of Arrow.

Ever since the “Star City 2040” episode in season 7, I’ve been hoping the daughter of Oliver and Felicity would lead a future-set show once Arrow had concluded, so the fact that this idea is coming to fruition in some way is incredibly exciting. I’ve been a fan of Katherine McNamara since Shadowhunters and was hoping she would stay in the Arrowverse long-term, so this Arrow spinoff seems like a perfect storm. While I’m really excited to have Harkavy involved, as it speaks to the overall arc her character has gone on since her arrival in season 5, the person who I’m slightly more intrigued with is Cassidy-Rodgers. I’ve been following her since her time on Supernatural, so when she came to Arrow, I was very happy. However, she has seemingly been in and out of the series across multiple shows and characters. If all goes well, we’ll get to see these characters continue their Arrowverse legacy after Arrow concludes in early 2020.

Are you excited to see the Arrow’s corner of the DC Universe get new life or do you think we should just continue with the other DC shows? Who else are you hoping hops aboard the Arrow spinoff? Will Caity Lotz join in the fun as White Canary? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to Geeks + Gamers for more DC TV news!

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