One of the most iconic anime properties of all time is about to return to the forefront of the medium in a whole new way.  Ahead of the upcoming live-action adaptation of Akira, which will be directed by Thor: Ragnarok’s Taika Waititi, series creator Katsuhiro Otomo has announced at the Anime Expo that he will be returning to the story of Tetsuo via a new anime adaptation of Akira which, according to the head of the prolific studio Sunrise, will be based on the entire acclaimed six-volume Akira manga series.

While it’s fair to say that nothing will ever replace the original 1988 adaptation of Akira, it’s great to see that the story is about to find new life in its most celebrated format, which brings to mind the likes of Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood and the 2011 adaptation of Hunter x Hunter (the latter of which recently wrapped its three-year run on Cartoon Network’s Toonami). Both of those properties had previous adaptations that, in one way or another, did not live up to their source material, so it’s incredibly exciting to hear that Akira will be getting the same treatment. Reading the original manga, it was clear that there was a lot more story to tell beyond what had already been bought to the screen, so I suppose the only question now is how many episodes this new iteration will receive whenever the project materializes. The more this world is explored, the more primed the audience will be when the live-action iteration of Akira arrives in 2021.

Are you excited that Akira will be getting a more detailed adaptation or is the classic 1988 anime enough to tide you over until Tetsuo and Kaneda hit Hollywood? Let us know in the comments and stay tuned to Geeks + Gamers for more movie and animation news!

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