With 2017 coming to a close and a new year full of new game releases quickly approaching, it’s time to take a look back at some of the awesome games 2017 has brought us. Today, fellow GeeksandGamers.com writer Mike Calkins and I will share with you a list of our favorite games from 2017, a year which has given us many amazing titles – and some disappointing ones as well.


Tony: Hey, Mike! How’s it going? Glad to collaborate with you on this article! Just to make everyone aware, you’re a predominantly PlayStation guy, right?

Mike: Glad to be here, Tony! Yes, I’m definitely a PlayStation gamer!

T: Right on! I’m the resident Xbox guy here, for the most part. I figured it would be worth mentioning our preferred platforms so no one would be coming for our heads when Breath of the Wild is on neither of our lists, haha! Though, rumor has it you recently got a Switch? Are you planning on picking up some of those great Switch titles?

M: Hell yeah! I actually got Breath of the Wild, I’m just so early into the game that I can’t possibly put it on the list fairly. Definitely planning on going in deep on the Switch in the New Year!

T: That’s awesome. I’m hoping to get my hands on a Switch soon; I’ve heard nothing but great things. Well, with that “disclaimer” out of the way, let’s get started. Mike, if you’d do the honors, feel free to get us going with the first game on your list!

M: It would be my pleasure! At the bottom of my top 10 is Ghost Recon Wildlands.

M: It sits this low on my list due to obnoxious AI and, especially, the game-breaking glitch I ran into when I first played it (that still isn’t fixed). The reason it still cracks into the top ten at all, however, is that the core gameplay loop is still really well handled. The shooting is tight, the graphics are fantastic, and there is so much to see and do. It’s definitely one of my favorite game worlds of the year.

T: You know, I remember you talking about that game so much in our group chat for the video game writing staff – and not in very many good ways, haha. Those comments didn’t have me chomping at the bit to play the game, though I did have the opportunity to play a bit during a free weekend on Xbox Live; I wasn’t very impressed. I didn’t give it a whole lot of time, but it was pretty clear that the game wasn’t particularly for me.

M: Yeah, just the other day I booted it back up and was hit with some uber frustrating things. Trying to get the final ending for the game is currently impossible for me, and the new Predator mission, while super cool (and the fact that they play the music while you do battle is also fantastic), is frustratingly difficult with your AI teammates. But, like I said, at its core it’s still fun for me to boot up and play otherwise. What’s your #10, Tony?

T: Ranking at 10 in 2017 for me is Halo Wars 2.

T: I almost left it off of the list because it didn’t provide me with a whole lot of replay value, and I never jumped back in for any of the expansions, but the game itself is just plain fun. It’s a real-time strategy game set in the world of Halo, kind of along the lines of Starcraft. It’s really fun, especially if you’re into the lore and history of Halo, and it even provides some connective tissue to Halo 5 and where Halo 6 may end up going. My only grievance with the game is the replay value; after finishing that campaign, I felt no need to replay it right away, but I may do so down the line. It was a highly anticipated title among fans of the original Halo Wars (which there was not a whole lot of), so we’re really lucky we even got the game at all.

M: IF I had an Xbox One, and I aim to in the future, Halo Wars 2 is a game I’d definitely consider picking up. Now, I’ve never been into RTS games before, so it would be a new experience for me. But I do really like the Halo universe, so I’d definitely be interested in giving it a shot!

T: The genre isn’t for everyone, but I would definitely recommend Halo Wars 2. It’s not quite as complicated as some of the more involved RTS games that find their original home on the PC, but it’s a good game to occupy the hard-to-fill console RTS void. Moving along, what’s number 9 looking like for you, Mike?

M: At number 9 for me is Mass Effect: Andromeda.

M: The fact that this is in the top ten is probably going to anger a lot of ME/BioWare fans, but I’m having a great time with this game to be completely honest. It took some time to really ramp up for me, but once I finished the snow planet, I really felt drawn in the way I did for the original trilogy. The Angara are a super interesting new race, and the Kett are a fascinating enemy. The combat is really fun, and I love the addition of “Profiles” instead of choosing a class at the beginning of the game. I do, however, miss the Paragon/Renegade system. The reason it isn’t higher on my list, and why it pains me as a Mass Effect fan, is that it’s not truly up to snuff from a visual point of view and I ran into some pretty substantial bugs that impeded my progress for a while. Overall, though, I think people are a lot rougher on this Mass Effect title because of how nearly perfect the first trilogy is, and not based on the game on its own.

T: I 100% agree with you saying why people are so rough on the game. It is nowhere near as bad as people make it out to be. It is far from perfect, but it’s also far from the abomination we are lead to believe. In fact, ME:A is also somewhere here on my list. I’ll dive deeper into my thoughts on it when we get to its position. Overall, though, I think that’s a pretty fair position to put the game in.

M: It’s definitely not without its flaws. There’s really no excuse for the facial animations. In 2017, faces should not be even close to that static. The story also does take a bit to kick in, but so far it’s been ramping up well. As an aside, the musical score for Andromeda is stellar. Not as good as, perhaps, Mass Effect 2-3 but still FANTASTIC. I’m interested to hear your next pick, Tony!

T: Number 9’s slot belongs to Friday the 13th: The Game for me.

T: How the game even came about is so ambitious, and it is better than it has any right to be. I’ve spent many a night playing F13 with a group of friends, sitting on the edge of our seats, coordinating a plan to get away from whoever was playing as Jason Vorhees at the time. There are a ton of glitches and problems with the game, but it really all boils down to it being just plain fun. It takes a concept that other games simply couldn’t nail correctly (*cough* Evolve *cough*) and makes it a blast to play. Launch issues plagued the game, but the developers put in real work and have been not only constantly fixing problems, but have been releasing a steady stream of extra content – most of it free. Friday the 13th: The Game is a good way to spend a Friday night (no pun intended) with some buddies online.

M: I picked up Friday the 13th: The Game as well. I’ve played it quite a bit and still haven’t been Jason, haha. It’s a fun game for sure; it didn’t make my list purely because, at least on PlayStation, I can’t get into any matches! I don’t know what it is, but there seem to always be server issues. Maybe after we’re done here I’ll boot the game up and give it another shot. The most impressive thing about Friday the 13th is how much they really seem to love and care about the property. They really put in effort to make you feel like you’re in that world. From the replication of Harry Manfredini’s chilling score to just the image of Jason stalking towards you through the woods, lit by the cold moonlight. I have to salute them for that. Also, props to Kane Hodder for doing all the mo-cap for Jason!

T: It truly feels like a labor of love. You can tell the developers really had a good time making the game, and like you said, they obviously love and care about the property. I definitely recommend going back and giving it a shot again. From what I understand, most of the launch issues have been solved by now. So, Mike, What do you have at spot number 8?

M: At number 8 I have L.A. Noire’s remaster.

M: Such a great game, and seeing it running better than ever on PS4 has been a dream. Solving crimes, the meticulous recreation of 1940’s Los Angeles, and just the detail in the gameplay is worth its spot on the list alone. Couple that with the still impressive facial animation system and just a rock solid, pulpy storyline and you have the makings of a great top ten contender!

T: I actually just got this remaster as well for Christmas. I LOVED it on Xbox 360, so I was very excited to own it on Xbox One. I haven’t dived into it a whole lot yet, but that will definitely be happening soon. It’s really a special game;  there isn’t much like it out there. It’s one of those titles you absolutely love or hate. Personally, I’m a fan, and you can sign me up for a sequel if it happens.

M: Same; I’d love to see this type of game in MODERN L.A. in a sequel. That would be interesting. Hit me with your number 8!

T: Resident Evil VII: Biohazard.

T: I finished this one the course of a weekend. Holy shit, I had a blast with this game! VII is exactly what the series needed, which is a return to its horror roots. I jumped from being frightened, I had trouble solving puzzles, I managed items, all like a proper Resident Evil game. Some of the other recent titles in the series have been too much like standard action games, so it was a huge relief that VII did not follow in those footsteps. I know some DLC has come out for it, but I haven’t gotten to it yet. I’m sure I will, though, as I’ve been looking for an excuse to revisit this one.

M: Resident Evil VII: Biohazard is one of the most terrifying experiences I’ve had in a long time. Maybe since trying out Outlast. There’s so much to like about RE7, but I’ll get to that soon.

T: So it made your list as well; awesome! In the meantime, what do you have at number 7?

M: …Resident Evil VII: Biohazard. Haha!

M: This game is so well crafted, so well made that despite the fact that I haven’t finished it, mostly because I’ve been so afraid to boot it back up, it’s still making it this high on the list. The family in the game is so deranged, evoking a lot of memories of the Sawyers from Texas Chainsaw Massacre, down to the horrifying dinner table scene. Locking it to a first-person perspective and bringing back the scarcity of supplies is the best thing Capcom has done for the franchise since the entirety of Resident Evil 4. It also probably doesn’t have to be stated that the atmosphere in this game is absolutely horrifying. Every creak sends chills up my spine, every shriek gives me goosebumps. It’s truly one of the best horror games in YEARS.

T: I couldn’t have explained the game any better myself. Everything you said is spot on; it’s such an amazing game. I implore you, finish it. There are a few surprise story-related things littered throughout the game – in particular near the end – that will give you some “Oh shit!” moments if you’re a fan of the series as a whole.

M: Yeah, I definitely intend to hop back into the game; just need to figure out how I’m going to get more ammo! What is your next pick?

T: Coming in at 7 for me is a game that, although I gave it a pretty solid review, I ultimately wish could have been placed higher on the list. That game is South Park: The Fractured But Whole.

T: It’s a sequel to The Stick of Truth, which is a phenomenal game, but The Fractured But Whole just didn’t live up to my personal expectations. I definitely loved the game, just not as much as I thought I would. The new combat system really irritated me until I got used to it; I prefer the system from The Stick of Truth much more. There were some glitches and bugs and a few other small things, but overall the game was really fantastic. Obviously, if you like South Park, you can’t beat an RPG set in this world. It truly feels and looks like an episode of the television show. I hate to judge the game against its predecessor, but I just had much higher hopes for The Fractured But Whole. I know by listing these issues it sounds like I didn’t like the game enough for it to make my list, but I really did love it. I just wish it was a bit better.

M: I like South Park, though I haven’t jumped into that series deep enough to justify the purchase. I definitely intend to watch more so I can play the games, because they look like a lot of fun, as well as the fact that I just LOVE RPGs.

T: Personally, I think a love of RPGs might be enough to justify the purchase, but I’d recommend playing The Stick of Truth first if you aren’t sure. I say that because, at this point, it’s cheaper than The Fractured But Whole, and its the superior game. If you like that one, you can move on to TFBW once it drops in price. Even if you aren’t that much into South Park, you’d like it if you’re into that type of crude humor. But, with that said, the game is much funnier and more rewarding in that respect if you are a fan of the show. What’s 6 looking like for you? (Read Tony Sin’s full review of South Park: The Fractured but Whole here.)

M: For me, number 6 is Call of Duty: WWII.

M: Seeing Call of Duty finally return to form, at least in my eyes, is such a satisfying experience. I’ve sunk HOURS into the multiplayer offering this time around, easily triple the amount I put into the last one. Zombies is a ball of fun in this one, and it depicts the Second Great War in such a visceral manner that it shocks you to your core. War mode is a great addition, even if some operations are far better than others, and the graphics and sound are the best they have ever been in a Call of Duty game. Sledgehammer outdid themselves this time and ensured that CoD will have my attention this coming November.

T: Funny enough, WWII is also my number 6 spot.

T: I haven’t enjoyed a Call of Duty game this much since MW3. I haven’t even personally bought any since MW3, but I’ve played them, and I was super stoked to hear we were going back to the CoD roots of World War II. The campaign, from what I have played, has been great. I’m excited to play that more and finish it. But with any CoD, the real fun is in the multiplayer. I’m absolutely loving it. I’ve never been a big fan of Zombies, but I did try it out this time around, and it just wasn’t for me. I have yet to experience War mode yet, but I hear it’s great. All in all, it’s a welcome return to form for the series, and I hope they keep along this path of making good games again. Since that was my number 6 as well, go ahead and share your number 5 with us!

M: Oh boy, getting down to the tough numbers! My number 5 is going to be Assassins Creed: Origins.


M: Picked this up on Christmas morning and every time I boot it up, I wind up playing it into the wee hours of the morning. I feel like I haven’t even scratched the surface despite spending a good deal of time with the game. The revamp to the combat, free-running, and progression is a very welcome change, and Bayek is a fantastic new assassin. He’s essentially what Connor Kenway should have been: emotionally driven but still a well-rounded, very human character. He’s probably my second favorite assassin so far, just behind Edward Kenway. The world of AC:O is both gorgeous AND vast. The fact that they packed so much detail into a world so large is honestly astonishing, and the environments are varied: mountains, beautiful cities like Alexandria, and so on. It’s by far the most technically impressive Assassin’s Creed since Black Flag. Cannot wait to dive back into that world.

T: Assassin’s Creed: Origins is also on my list, so I’ll share my thoughts more in depth when we get to it, but I will say that everything you mentioned is spot on. It’s such a wonder of a game, and a warm welcome back after taking a year off from the series. Though, for now, I will say that Bayek has surpassed Edward Kenway for me, and is my absolute favorite assassin.

M: That’s completely fair, although you’ve completed the game, correct? My mind might change by the end! The only reason it doesn’t place higher is because I haven’t finished it yet.

T: Yeah, I have completed it. Such a great game. I’m confident you’ll love it once you finish it. With that said, number 5 for me is Mass Effect: Andromeda.

T: I know you touched on the game a lot here in this list when you placed it, and I agree with pretty much everything you said. At the end of the day, no, it’s not as good as ME 1-3. Yes, it was disappointing as a whole. But I had a hell of a time with it. I sunk just over 100 hours into the game, and loved the majority of it. At first, I was extremely angry with the game while I was playing it. I just could not get into it. That first planet was terrible, the story hadn’t kicked into gear, you find almost all of your companions within the first couple of hours, and hardly ANY of them are likable. But as the game went on, after that first planet, I grew more and more invested until I loved it. The story was super interesting, most of the characters were fun, and the gunplay was awesome. Like you said, it had a bunch of issues, but even those didn’t stop me from loving the game. With the way it ended, it’s really annoying that folks who didn’t like the game were irrationally upset enough to basically force BioWare to say “F this game” and decide to do away with DLC plans. That ending left a huge door open for DLC that I was really looking forward to, but since the DLC won’t be coming, I’ll have to resort to reading the book that the story content became.

M: I can understand people being disappointed in it, because I was. But that doesn’t make it a bad game. Overall I’m really enjoying it now that I’ve passed the second planet. The story is ramping up, they’re introducing some incredibly interesting mythology, and I’m finally starting to get into the characters. I’m equally disappointed in, essentially, the murder of this game by EA as you are. They just pulled the plug on it and gave up, when honestly it’s a really good foundation for great EXPANSION. I’ll definitely be reading that book as well when I complete the game, but that’s actually the most disappointing aspect to me: just the utter abandonment of Mass Effect.

T: Mass Effect is without a shadow of a doubt my favorite video game series of all time. I’m so incredibly invested in the universe and lore, but the game didn’t bother me so much that I wanted the plug pulled. Ugh. Welcome to the Internet, where you can get almost anything shut down if you complain enough. But enough about Andromeda; what’s number 4 for you, Mike?

M: Number 4 for me is Destiny 2.

M: Now, I enjoyed the first game just fine the first time around. I basically played vanilla Destiny to completion and lost interest in it completely. I did return to it later and enjoy the rest of the content, but Destiny 2 is absolutely head and shoulders above its predecessor for the simple reason that it has a coherent and entertaining storyline. The gameplay is still incredibly well crafted, the loot system is still addicting, and the various different types of modes kept me hooked much longer than the first game did. I’m actually EXCITED to boot up the game and I’ve only completed one character! I want to play the other two just to experience the story again, and the different battles with a different power set. Can’t wait to see what Bungie has in store for this game.

T: I love the fact that Destiny 2 placed on your list. It definitely made mine, albeit a little bit higher. Again, I’ll dive more into my feelings when it pops up in my list, but man, it’s such a great game. As you said, head and shoulders above Destiny 1, and that was a game I was addicted to and loved despite its lack of story. Loot, playing with friends, and those raids are what kept me coming back.

M: I actually finally tackled a Nightfall Strike for the first time with a friend and his fiancée the other day, and my lord, this is what I wanted from the first game: challenging but fair shooter gameplay, interesting characters, and a good story. I haven’t delved into the new DLC yet, but I’m really excited to do so! Alright, hit me with your number 4!

T: Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.

T: Wow, this game is amazing. I had played the older Wolfenstein games on PC and OG Xbox, but I never played the newer ones for current gen consoles; well, I played the first one, but just a very little bit. Wolfenstein II is amazing, though, and you don’t necessarily have to be familiar with the first one to understand the second, as there’s a little recap at the beginning of the game that works just as well. I haven’t quite finished The New Colossus yet, but I am on the final mission. As long as the game ends well, I’ll be very happy with it. The story is phenomenal and a great cast of diverse characters really adds some depth to this title. I’ve been loving every minute. Just about every single gameplay mechanic in Wolfenstein II is polished and is truly at its best. It can be really difficult at points, but never difficult enough to make it seem unfair, at least on the difficulty I’m playing on. I’m a sucker for history, alternate timelines, and science fiction, all three of which Wolfenstein II blends together superbly.

M: I want to play Wolfenstein II so damn badly it’s not even funny. I do want to finish The New Order first, even if I don’t really HAVE to. I’m not surprised that this is so high on your list; it got pretty unanimous praise and it sounds like it deserves every bit of it!!

T: It absolutely does, Mike, and it is truly a must play title for fans of the genre. Looks like we are getting down to the final three! This is getting exciting! What do you have at 3?

M: My number 3 is Injustice 2.

M: My lord, this game is fantastic. To put this in perspective, I’m not a big fighting game guy; I’m not particularly good at them. But I’m a big DC Comics fan, so there was no way I was going to miss this game. The story is fantastic, with some of the best looking cutscenes of the year. The fighting mechanics are pretty easy to pick up for a novice like me and absolutely a treat to master, I’m sure. I have several friends who REALLY got into juggles and stringing epic combos together, and it’s super impressive. The character roster is stellar, featuring characters such as my boy Green Arrow, Robin, Batman, Superman, Deadshot, and Swamp Thing for god’s sake. The Multiverse mode is something that keeps dragging me back to the game, even after all these months. The DLC for Injustice 2 has also been fantastic, and I’m super stoked for the final “two” fighters!

T: Wow, I’m honestly shocked to see this so high up on your list. I almost put it on my list, but it would have been way lower for me. I’m in the same boat as you; I’m not particularly good at fighting games, but I’m a fan of DC. I’m also a fan of Mortal Kombat, so anything NetherRealm does is an instant purchase for me. I had a good time with Injustice 2, but I’ve never felt the need to go back after completing the story. Every once in awhile, I’ll jump on and (attempt to) kick some ass with your boy and mine, Green Arrow, but I’ve yet to feel the need to purchase the new fighters or anything. It’s a great game, and super fun, but for me it wasn’t quite top 10 worthy.

M: Completely fair! Hit me with your number 3!

T: My number 3 is going to be controversial, like us having Mass Effect: Andromeda on our lists. Number 3 is Star Wars Battlefront II.

T: By the Nine, I’m having such a damn good time with this game. People can complain about the microtransactions and progression all they want, and I may agree with some of the folks and a few of the things they say, particularly about that microtransaction system (which was removed and has yet to be re-implemented, mind you), but again, this was another case of people blowing things out of proportion. Battlefront II is fantastic and is better than its 2015 predecessor in every single way. The game looks and feels like Star Wars, and it’s so exciting to now have locations and heroes from the new trilogy in the game, as well as some from the prequels! I absolutely can’t get enough of this game. Starfighter Assault is my go-to mode, but I love almost every mode in the game. The campaign was really fun and a much-needed addition after 2015’s Battlefront didn’t have one. Overall, I had some issues with some of the stuff in the campaign, such as the lack of character development and a seemingly rushed story, but overall, it was awesome. With more updates and free DLC to come for the foreseeable future, I’ll be playing this one for a long time. (Read Tony Sin’s video review of Battlefront II here.)

M: Boy, if you think this is controversial, just wait for my #2. Star Wars Battlefront II is a stellar Star Wars experience. My review for the game didn’t do it justice, and as much as I had some issues with it as a complete package, it’s up there with the best of them.

T: Uh oh, now I’m anxious to see what your number 2 is. Let’s have it!

M: Lemme tell you, boy. Its Star Wars Battlefront III can almost hear the steam billowing from fanboy ears. I’m not even sorry.

T: They may boycott us and call for us to be fired.

M: I have no doubt! For real, though, this game gets better and better every time I boot it up. Blasting away CIS Droids on Kamino, mowing down Clones on Kashyyyk, and blowing through Rebel scum on the second Death Star is beyond fun. Since I beat the campaign, I’ve discovered how much I actually enjoyed it, especially after playing the December expansion. Truly, it’s one of the best Star Wars experiences I’ve ever played. Is it better than the original Battlefronts? No, of course not. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t damn good. (Read Mike Calkins’ full review of Battlefront II here.)

T: Absolutely, man. I’m so glad Battlefront II ranked so high for both of us. It was originally in my number 2 spot, but it got bumped up for something else. I’m really excited to see what the future holds for Battlefront II. I’m hoping we get some more prequel era heroes (*cough* Obi-Wan Kenobi *cough*), but I’m sure I’ll be happy with whatever they give us!

M: I’m honestly just sitting here hoping EA doesn’t drop Battlefront II the way they dropped Mass Effect because of the backlash. STAY ON TARGET! They honestly outdid themselves this time around, even with the microtransactions and progression issues I still have with the game. Now, give me your number 2!

T: Number 2 for me is, in fact, Destiny 2.

T: It was so hard to decide between Battlefront II and Destiny 2, but I ultimately am giving it to Destiny because of the amount of time and fun I’ve had with it. Destiny 2 improves on Destiny 1 in a lot of ways. As with every game, it’s not without its issues, and Bungie has a track record of being a pain in the ass about a lot of fan concerns, but they have proved they are listening at least somewhat. I’ve been in love with Destiny 2 since it dropped. I’ve leveled all 3 character classes to 300, (my Warlock and Hunter even higher now with the expansion,) and I’ve run the Leviathan Raid more times than I can count. It’s just an amazing game despite its issues. Shooting mechanics are top notch, the graphics are beautiful, the story is great, and the score is nothing short of amazing. Destiny 2 has reached my number 2 spot simply for the amount of enjoyment and fun I’ve gotten out of my $60. Now, the Curse of Osiris expansion, that’s another story. As our boys over at the GeekPulse Gaming Podcast would say, the expansion is “5 out of 5 cheeks,” meaning it is not good. But as a whole, Destiny 2 has given me the opportunity to play a super fun game not only by myself, but with old and new friends alike. And for that, I commend Bungie to the highest degree.

M: I cannot disagree with this placement at all. They really killed it with this one. I’m disappointed to hear about the new expansion, but even so, Bungie did what I thought was impossible. They made the gameplay loop much more compelling this time around, as well as grounding it with a good story!

T: Okay, Mike, the time has come. Fill me in, what is number 1 on your list? What is your Game of the Year?

M: My Game of the Year is… Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

M: Going into this, I didn’t know what to expect. The directors of Uncharted 4 weren’t running this one. It was following Chloe Frazer, a great supporting character, but I was unsure about her carrying a whole game on her shoulders. I wish I could go back and smack Past-Me in the face. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a fantastic, emotional, and thrilling addition to the Uncharted canon. Chloe Frazer is up there with my favorite heroines in gaming: Lara Croft and Ellie from The Last of Us. The action set pieces, particularly towards the end, are some of, if not the best in the entire franchise. The train sequence alone is worth the forty dollar price tag. That’s before you get into the engrossing story, fantastic dialogue and character work between Chloe and Nadine, and the challenging puzzles. For me, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is one of the best PlayStation games I’ve ever played, and every time I boot it up it gets a little better.

T: That is high praise right there! I love the passion you have talking about this game, it makes me really want to play it! I’ve never played a single Uncharted game, but I have really wanted to for a long while. I’m hoping I’ll get the chance to do so in the future, because everyone talks about how awesome they are. If Santa would have left me that PS4 under the tree, I could be playing them right now! Oh well, there’s always next year…

M: Honestly, the Uncharted franchise is reason enough to purchase one, and The Lost Legacy only adds to that. I absolutely adored this game, and as much as I’m sure people aren’t going to be pleased with its placement, I cannot deny how the game truly made me feel. Alright Tony, the time has come. Give me your Game of the Year!

T: Well, the only game left I mentioned I would get to later just happens to be my Game of the Year. I thought long and hard about this one, and there’s just no denying it. Assassin’s Creed: Origins is mine.

T: The AC franchise has been a favorite of mine for years now, and while most people got burnt out on them, I thought they were awesome. Sure, there were some hiccups like Unity, but Assassin’s Creed 2 and Black Flag are some of the greatest games ever created. Black Flag was previously my favorite AC game, but Origins has now surpassed it. Bayek has also become my favorite assassin. Origins is a true joy from top to bottom. It’s amazingly beautiful, it has a rich world full of things to do, and a really great story. I won’t spoil things here, but I’ll just say, the story really does act as the true origin of the Assassin’s Brotherhood, and the final cutscene really hit home for me. Ubisoft knocked it out of the park, into the next park, and back out of that park with Origins. All of the changes were perfectly handled, especially combat. The loot system is a welcome change. The sheer size of the game is intimidating. When I finished the story, I hadn’t even been to all of the regions in the game. I STILL have side missions I can do. I honestly have so many good things to say about this game that I am borderline rambling here. My review for the site goes into a lot more detail, but in short, this game is the bee’s knees. I was expecting it to be good, because I usually like the AC games, but I was not prepared for how outstanding Origins would be. Growing up, I was a big fan of ancient Egypt, and finally being able to run around in a digital recreation of it simply filled me with glee. I can’t say enough good things about Assassin’s Creed: Origins. (Read Tony Sin’s full Assassin’s Creed: Origins review here.)

M: Seeing an Assassin’s Creed game at the top of someone’s year-end list honestly warms my heart, as AC has been beaten down by the gaming community for the past couple of years. Seeing it rise from the ashes into something truly spectacular makes me grin like no tomorrow. This is amazing. 2017 has been an amazing year for gaming, despite all the controversy. Hell yes!

T: Any honorable mentions for you, Mike? I have just four. I’m not gonna dig into them the way we dug into our main list, but I’ll give them a little shout out here. Two of them made it to your list: Injustice 2 and L.A. Noire’s remaster. The other two were Telltale’s Guardians of the Galaxy series and indy blockbuster Cuphead. Those were all great games that didn’t quite crack my personal top 10 this year.

M: Yeah, my honorable mention is Yakuza Kiwami. The only reason it’s not in the top 10 is because I haven’t gotten far enough into it yet to confidently rank it. Other than that, I’m all set!

T: I have to say, we both have pretty solid lists! Thanks a ton for joining me for this piece, Mike; it’s been a pleasure to work with you! Now, on to 2018 and many more excellent adventures in gaming!

M: Thank you for bringing me on for this! Can’t wait for what 2018 will bring!

T: Thanks for reading, everyone. We hope you enjoyed our lists. If we’re wrong, or we didn’t include some of your picks, leave a comment and let us know! For everything gaming and more end-of-year lists, keep your browser locked to Geeks + Gamers!

Published by Tony Sin

Tony is a 29-year-old Game Design student from Akron, Ohio. A lifelong gamer, Tony has been playing since receiving an SNES along with Super Mario World for his 5th birthday. He is an avid Xbox fan, though he tends to dabble in some PC gaming from time to time. Some of his favorite games and franchises are Mass Effect, The Elder Scrolls, Halo, Batman: Arkham, Assassin’s Creed, Bioshock Infinite, and Quantum Break, just to name a few. Aside from gaming, Tony is a huge movie fan, with the Star Wars franchise being his all-time favorite movies. Constantly delving into the video games, comics, novels, television series, and films, he looks forward to any new installments in the stories. Marvel’s films and respective Netflix series are also in constant rotation in Tony’s home. Other favorite films include The Dark Knight trilogy, Requiem for a Dream, Donnie Darko, and The Hateful Eight, amongst many more. When not gaming, streaming on his Twitch channel, or mentally living in a galaxy far, far away, Tony enjoys listening to and creating music, reading comics and novels, binge watching shows on Netflix, and spending time with friends and family.

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